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Discount Sea World Tickets

August 22nd, 2011

So the summer holidays are upon us and with that comes the age old problem of where you can take your children so they don’t end up lounging around the house all day watching TV, being bored and lets face it driving you crazy. Thanks to sea world discount tickets I was able to take my family for an amazing trip to sea world without having to spend loads of money on tickets.

I have been exactly where you are right now, your children have just broke up from school and for the first few weeks they are keeping themselves occupied by meeting up with friends, watching TV and doing all of the things they didn’t have time to during the school term. But lets face it this never lasts and before you know it they are moaning that they are bored, frustrated and before you know it you yourself are frustrated as well.

This is when you get the idea to take them on a day out somewhere fun, educational and affordable. But where do you take them? The park? The cinema? Why these are good suggestions lets face it the cinema costs a small fortune if you have more than one child and it is only a couple of hours entertainment at best. The park while free comes with the problems of what exactly are they going to do there? Ride there bikes? Play football? In my experience these activities keep there attention for about an hour before they get bored and you are back to square one.

This is where Sea World comes in, it provides a whole day out for the entire family, not only that but it is enjoyable and educational and thanks to discount sea world tickets that are available it is affordable bordering on cheap. Sea World has a number of different attractions including shows involving dolphins, whales and various other amazing forms of sea life.


Sea World Discount Tickets

August 20th, 2011

So you are looking to take you family for a great day out, but where do you go? Like many people this is a problem I struggled with for years until I took my family to sea world. This place was fantastic not only was it a great day out that everyone enjoyed but it was affordable, I would even say cheap thanks to the sea world discount tickets I was able to get.

Discount Sea World Tickets

Sea world is a fantastic experience for all ages not only is it a fantastic day out but it is educational as well. Now normally as soon as anyone says educational you hope you’re children will enjoy it you know that they will bored out of there mind. However I was pleasantly surprised when none of my children were bored instead my youngest daughter (She’s just turned twelve) was actually fascinated by all of the sea life at sea world. She hasn’t stopped drawing pictures, reading and watching videos on the internet about all of the animals we say at sea world.

Sea World Discount tickets not only allowed me to take my family on a great day out but it gave my youngest daughter something to be passionate about other than TV and clothes. Which I can tell you is a rare thing and as a parent I was thrilled that by going to sea world just once my daughter was so inspired and intrigued by it all that she has a new interest and can not wait to go back. As a matter of fact I am taking my entire family back next weekend and everyone is looking forward to it and I must admit even I am.

Sea World is currently in a total of of three different locations in the US, including San Antonio in Texas, Sand Diego in California and finally Orlando in Florida. So far Me and my family have only visited the Fantastic one in Orlando but we hope to visit the rest soon.

Thanks to Sea World Discount Tickets it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. So why wait? Take your family on a great day out at sea world with the sea world discount tickets available at the website retailmenot.