A family Day out at Sea World with Discount tickets

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Lets face it the recession has hit everyone hard and in these times we all need cheering up and more importantly fun! But seriously who has the money now to waste on a family vacation or day out? Considering I spent just over $80 dollars to take my family of six out to see a film (which was terrible by the way) and that didn’t include popcorn, candy and other snacks. So while brainstorming for new affordable ideas about places to take my family, I thought I would try out Sea World. I heard that It would be expensive to take my whole family on a day out there but after searching around on the coupon and discount sites I was able to find some sea world discount tickets on retailmenot.

Discount Sea World Tickets

The final cost for the whole day out at sea world was less than what it cost me to take my family for an hour and a half film! Not only did I get a bargain on sea world tickets but it was for a full day out that was unbelievably fun and enjoyable. The Sea World shows were spectacular, my family particularly enjoyed seeing the dolphins and the sea lions who were absolutely adorable creatures.

Sea World was packed full of different shows put on by their highly skilled and friendly performers with a huge variety of interesting and beautiful sea life. Children (and adults) of all ages will have a great day out here, the refreshments and other extras that were purchased throughout the day were also reasonably priced which was definitely a surprise as usually anything with a low entry price has extremely expensive add-ons that quickly ups the cost of the day.

I was completely surprised with how much a great day out at sea world actually cost once I found discount sea world tickets, so not only did me and my family have a great day out but it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg either. I could not recommend more highly that if you are looking for a great day out without breaking the bank that you check out sea world and all of the amazing shows and attractions that it has to offer.


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